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Different sports conferences take place throughout the year where people in the sports industry meet to discuss various issues regarding sports. Important decisions are often made in these conferences. Here are some upcoming important sports events.


Featured image Conferences ICPPSC 2020 - Conferences

Date: 22 – 23 October 2020

Venue: Bali, Indonesia

The International Conference on Positive Pedagogy for Sports Coaching (ICPPSC) brings together researchers and scholars in the field of sports coaching. Players need to be coached well to improve their performance. The challenges in sports coaching will be discussed here.


Featured image Conferences ICDADR 2020 - Conferences

Date: 05 -06 November 2020

Venue: Amsterdam, Netherlands

International Conference on Doping and Anti-doping Research (ICDADR) is an important conference that will be held this year in the Netherlands.

Doping is a common issue in many sports, and it affects the career and performance of a sports person. Doping has a very negative effect on the sports industry and measures are taken to prevent it.

In this conference, the key people involved in this matter will discuss the latest condition of doping in sports. They will try to come up with innovative solutions to deal with this problem.

IOC World Conference on Prevention of Injury & Illness in Sports

Featured image Conferences IOC World Conference on Prevention of Injury Illness in Sports - Conferences

Date: 11-13 February 2021

Venue: Monaco

This conference is for those who are involved in the clinical side of sports. International leaders in this industry will be present to discuss the important issues related to sports injury and illness in sports.

They will be able to learn about the improvements in these areas so that they can implement them in their work. These events will give a platform for the sports industry leaders to sit together and discuss the various issues related to sports.