England Cricket Players Getting Pay Cuts

There have been major changes in cricket and other sports in England and the rest of the world. Over the last months, the cricket fields were empty with no matches. Players didn’t even go to the field for practice.

Like other sports authorities, the England Cricket Board is also facing big challenges at the moment.

With no matches on the field for so many months, ECB is facing severe financial challenges. Though matches have started to take place, the stadiums are empty.

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In normal conditions, the stadiums used to be packed with fans, and selling tickets was the main source of revenue. Now they will get money only from television broadcasts.

England’s cricket squad has already donated about 500,000 pounds to ECB to help them get out of this financial crisis. ECB is very happy with the players’ attitude to deal with this difficult situation.

ECB has already laid off about 60 staff as they couldn’t afford their salary. Even after doing so the financial problem isn’t solved. Now, the players will be facing a pay cut and insubstantial amount.

The players are quite open to the idea and they understand the current situation. No player has complained about the pay cut. They have given hope to support ECB further in the future so that they can be in a position to help the other cricket boards as well.

ECB is trying to get rid of its redundant processes to reduce expenses. They feel sorry for those who have to go through this and lose a job, but this is only good for the board’s future. In the coming few years, the revenue will be much less compared to before.

ECB and the players understand that, and they are ready to provide full support to each other in this regard.

It is a testing time for ECB and other sports organizations throughout the world. But things are going to get better. Players have already entered the fields and matches are slowly taking place. Though some of the big tournaments have been cancelled, ECB is still hopeful that these tournaments will be rescheduled soon.